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Im New; FGTS


Name; Ana
Age; fifteen
Gender; girl
Location; baltimore maryland

Sexual Orientation; bisexual
Status/Pictures; single :[

Smoke/Drink?; i smoke a little,but drink too much. :[

About You.

Describe yourself in 5 words; shy,mischievous,fun(ny),hyper,blunt

Hobbies/Interests; music,photography,painting,playing drums,writing,and being with my friends

TEN Bands you like;
ONE; Against Me!
TWO; Alkaline Trio
THREE; The Faint
FOUR; The Pixies
FIVE; Sugur Ros
SIX; Brand New
SEVEN; Saosin
EIGHT Cursive
NINE; Scary kids scaring kids
TEN; funeral for a friend

NINE Bands you hate;
ONE; Tool
TWO; Slipknot
THREE; The White Stripes
FOUR; Aerosmith
FIVE; The Donnas
SIX; Green Day
SEVEN; The Used
EIGHT Weezer
NINE; The microphones

EIGHT Favorite Movies;
ONE; A Clockwork Orange
TWO; Garden State
THREE; Blue Citrus Hearts
FOUR; Elephant
FIVE; Mean Creek
SIX; Pieces of April
SEVEN; Alice In Wonderland
EIGHT What's Eating Gilbert Grape

SEVEN Favorite Words;
ONE; metaphor
TWO; insipiring
THREE; ironic
FOUR; disoriented
FIVE; antithesis
SIX; cynical
SEVEN; beautiful

SIX Hobbies;
ONE; photography
TWO; drums
THREE; painting
FOUR; writing
FIVE; skateboarding
SIX; music

FIVE Random Things About You;
ONE; im adopted from Peru
TWO; I have a chemical imbalance in my brain
THREE; I scribble in the margins of all my papers
FOUR; My favorite time of the day is night time
FIVE; Music is one of my favorite things ever

FOUR Favorite Books;
ONE; Less Than Zero
TWO; The Perks Of Being a Wallflower
THREE; A Clockwork Orange
FOUR; Guide

THREE Favorite Crayola Crayon Colors;
ONE; green
TWO; cornflower
THREE; shocking pink

TWO Favorite Sports;
ONE; Skateboarding
TWO; Surfing

ONE Favorite Ice Cream Flavor;
ONE; Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Why should you be accepted? Because im awesome! No, but really. Um. Because i like being in communities. It's Fun!

What do you think about your mod? ___hellodestiny She's pretty.And she seems nice. :]

Link to your MySpace:

Promote the community in 3 places and provide the links. [WILL be checked.]


1. Gay Marriage; Im all for gay marriage. Their people just like you and me. Love is Love. I don’t think you should stop love just because you may find it wrong.

2. Suicide; That’s such a controversial issue. Because while its selfish and it hurts all the people around you and many don’t understand why the person felt they needed to end their life this way. At the same time i cant say i haven’t thought about suicide. And:[ [i have almost acted on it.(thanks to the chemical imbalances in my brain) But i think alot of people could say they have at one time thought about it.

3. Abortions; Pro Choice. Mos def. A woman’s body is hers only. She should be able to do what she wants with it.

4. Mainstream Music; Alot of the mainstream music is excellent, but some stuff i just don’t get why people like it.

5. Straight Edge; I think sXe is a smart way to go. Im mos def not sXe. But im all for sXe people. Because you can really screw up yourself with drugs and alcohol and cigarettes are pure cancer sticks. I think you do what’s right for you though.

6. Veganism/Vegetarianism; Wow. Being Vegan or a Vegetarian is hard. Major Props to the people who are. I was a Vegetarian for a year and a half. But now the only meat i eat is chicken. It definitely hard, because you have to make sure you do veganism/vegetarianism in a healthy way and get all the right nutrients and stuff.


6+ pictures of yourself.[ Use ]
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