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Name; Tyler
Age; 15
Gender; M
Location; USA/ Pine Grove,Pennsylvania

Sexual Orientation; Straight

Smoke/Drink?; No/Sometimes

About You.

Describe yourself in 5 words; Fun, Shy, Original, Klepto, & Sneaky

Hobbies/Interests; Hobbies: Computer / Interests: Taking Pictures, Art, Witchcraft, Ghosts

TEN Bands you like;
ONE; The Starting Line
TWO; Fall Out Boy
THREE; Scary Kids Scaring Kids
FOUR; Panic! At The Disco
FIVE; My Chemical Romance
SIX; Hellogoodbye
SEVEN; From First To Last
EIGHT Taking Back Sunday
NINE; Senses Fail
TEN; The Postal Service

NINE Bands you hate;
ONE; Creed
TWO; Nickleback
THREE; Three Doors Down
FOUR; Journey
FIVE; Green Day
SIX; Coldplay
SEVEN; Pink Floyd
EIGHT Led Zeppelin
NINE; Guns N' Roses

EIGHT Favorite Movies;
ONE; Aladdin
TWO; The Craft
THREE; The Nightmare Before Christmas
FOUR; Halloweentown
FIVE; Pirates of the Caribbean
SIX; Lord of the Rings
SEVEN; The Ring
EIGHT The Village

SEVEN Favorite Words;
ONE; Cunt
TWO; Die
THREE; Jazzercising
FOUR; Fuck Face
FIVE; Kill Yerself
SIX; I didnt know
SEVEN; It wasnt me

SIX Hobbies;
ONE; Computer
TWO; Drawing
THREE; Taking Pictures
FOUR; Hanging out with friends
FIVE; Livejournal
SIX; Myspace

FIVE Random Things About You;
ONE; Shy
TWO; Im Cold Alot
THREE; I dont eat meat
FOUR; I think PB&J samwhiches taste better when there cut into triangles
FIVE; I have a soar throat right now :[

FOUR Favorite Books;
ONE; Sweep
TWO; Disney Park Maps?

THREE Favorite Crayola Crayon Colors;
ONE; Teal
TWO; Seafoam Green
THREE; Black

TWO Favorite Sports;

ONE Favorite Ice Cream Flavor;
ONE; Cookies N' Cream

Why should you be accepted? Cuz this place is cool, and i want to be a part of the cool cats.

What do you think about your mod? ___hellodestiny Cool Cat

Link to your

Promote the community in 3 places and provide the links. [WILL be checked.]


1. Gay Marriage; Yes

2. Suicide; No

3. Abortions; It's Your Choice

4. Mainstream Music; Iffy

5. Straight Edge; Yeah, but i duno if i could do it

6. Veganism/Vegetarianism; Im a vegetarian for a year 2 weeks :]


6+ pictures of yourself.
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