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I know this is a really pointless post.
&&Feel free to delete it.
But this is a hilarious story.

Apparently my friend Kayleigh and I are as follows:
~A Cow
~A Dumb ass
Oh and I should jump off a cliff and keep falling until I hit a huge spike, big enough to go right though the middle of me and cut me in half. Then I will be eaten because I am, yet again, a cow.

This was all told to us by this 14-15 year old kid.
Let me give you the description of this kid, for full effect.
5'-5'2, Blond curly almost fro-like hair, I'm gonna guess about 80-90Lbs
Ugliest thing you've ever seen in your life, I kid you not.
I like kids...really I do.
But I have two words for this kid.

We had some banter.
I'll try and remember all of it.
Let's call him DB for short.

DB: "I'll beat you up"
Me: "How do you expect to beat me up? I'm a cow remember"
DB: "Cows fall over...i'll push you over and kick you in the face a few times."
Me: "...And...i'll die from that"
Long pause.
DB: "You're a dumb ass"
Me: "Listen....you are a douche bag"
DB: "How can I be a douche bag?? Maybe you should know words before you use them dumb ass"


Kayligh: "Why don't you just shut up?"
DB: "You shut up, you dumb ass"
Kayligh: "*Trying very hard not to laugh or flay this kid*"
DB: "Thats what I thought, you cow!"

Kayleigh&I both have three stomachs...OH SNAP!
We also have dumb asses...OH SNAP AGAIN!

I thought it was funny.
That kid is piece of work.

I don't know if anyone else in here lives in Maine but Barenaked Ladies had a concert last night that I attended and can we talk about how awesome it was.
I don't even care if you hate BNL they were amazing live.
A Jewish band opened for them.
One of the members was Adam from Guster.
Just thought I would share.

Sorry again that this was so pointless.
You can yell at me and tell me not to post pointless shit if you like.
But I havn't been very active and thought most of you would appreciate that story.
Soo yeah,
This is me shutting up now.
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