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I'm New


Name; Chantal
Age; 15
Gender; Female
Location; Amersfoort, The Netherlands

Sexual Orientation; Straight
Status/Pictures; Single

Smoke/Drink?; Yes/Yes

About You.

Describe yourself in 5 words; Shy, fun(ny), spontaneous, weird, sarcastic.


TEN Bands you like;
ONE; Mae
TWO; Fall Out Boy
THREE; The Arcade Fire
FOUR; Death Cab For Cutie
FIVE; Findel (dutch)
SIX; Hellogoodbye
SEVEN; Panic! at the disco
NINE; Silverstein
TEN; Spitalfield

NINE Bands you hate;
ONE; Korn
TWO; Slipknot
THREE; Backstreet boys
FOUR; Rammstein
FIVE; the casualties
SIX; simple plan
SEVEN; Di-rect (dutch)
NINE; Guns 'n roses

EIGHT Favorite Movies;
ONE; Fucking Amal (swedish movie)
TWO; The nightmare before christmas
THREE; Requiem for a dream
FOUR; Le fabeuleux destin de Amélie poulain (french movie)
FIVE; Pirates of the caribbean
SIX; Elephant
SEVEN; Beauty and the beast
EIGHT Winnie de pooh

SEVEN Favorite Words;
ONE; Beter (dutch)
TWO; Wanker
THREE; je ne sais pas (french)
FOUR; ach so (german)
FIVE; Shitty
SIX; Pretty
SEVEN; 't gaat te furr (dutch)

SIX Hobbies;
ONE; Music
TWO; Friends
THREE; Party's
FOUR; Computer
FIVE; Taking Pictures
SIX; Livejournal

FIVE Random Things About You;
ONE; Reads a lot
TWO; I love my room
THREE; pierced
FOUR; Wants to study in the USA
FIVE; Has fallen in love with New York City

FOUR Favorite Books;
ONE; gebr. - Ted van Lieshout
TWO; dagen van de bluegrassliefde - Edward van de Vendel
THREE; Charlie and the chocolatefactory
FOUR; giph - ronald giphart

THREE Favorite Crayola Crayon Colors;
ONE; Black
TWO; Seafoam green
THREE; Melon

TWO Favorite Sports;

ONE Favorite Ice Cream Flavor;
ONE; Lemon

Why should you be accepted? I really like this communtity and read it all the time

What do you think about your mod? ___hellodestiny Cute girl!

Link to your MySpace: www.myspace.com/Lust_deceiver

Promote the community in 3 places and provide the links. [WILL be checked.]
ONE; http://www.myspace.com/Lust_deceiver
TWO; http://zeta.xs4all.nl/forum/index.php?showtopic=266&st=20&p=6214&#entry6214
THREE; http://www.livejournal.com/userinfo.bml?user=lust_deceiver


1. Gay Marriage; Yeah! love is love, it doesn't matter if the one you fall in love with isn't from the opposite sex!

2. Suicide; Suicide might be selfish but sometimes there isn't an other way out.

3. Abortions; A woman/girl should have the opportunity to get an abortion if the baby is unwanted.

4. Mainstream Music; I prefer other music, but I do listen to it sometimes. And most of the mainstream music is nice and easy to listen to, so nothing wrong with mainstream music.

5. Straight Edge; Okay, I had to look this up. Props for the people that are "straight edge", I like to experiment, I do (soft)Drugs, I Smoke and I drink.

6. Veganism/Vegetarianism; I was a vegetarian for, I think, one year. And it's very hard! There's a lot you can't eat!




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