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I'm New; FGTS.


Name; Meredith Ann
Age; 18
Gender; female
Location; marquette, MI & mackinaw city, MI

Sexual Orientation; i'm not really sure, to tell you the truth.
Status/Pictures; very single and very happy.

Smoke/Drink?; quit doing both about four and 6 months ago.

About You.

Describe yourself in 5 words; random, eccentric, musician, friendly, hugger.


TEN Bands you like;
ONE; ryan adams
TWO; commander venus
THREE; showbread
FOUR; death cab for cutie
FIVE;beep beep
SIX; circle takes the square
SEVEN; devandra banhart
EIGHT morrissey
NINE; anthrax
TEN; skeeter davis

NINE Bands you hate;
ONE; linkin park
TWO; nirvana
THREE; simple plan
FOUR; seether
FIVE; the donnas
SIX; from first to last
SEVEN; toby keith
EIGHT the click five
NINE; korn

EIGHT Favorite Movies;
ONE; house of 1000 corpses
TWO; the breakfast club
THREE; dawn of the dead (original)
FOUR; old yeller
FIVE; ernest scared stupid
SIX; a christmas story
SEVEN; how the grinch stole christmas (original)
EIGHT a league of their own

SEVEN Favorite Words;
ONE; epitome
TWO; rendezvous
THREE; oople
FOUR; ungodly
FIVE; asparagus
SIX; irk
SEVEN; pretentious

SIX Hobbies;
ONE; playing my ACOUSTIC guitar
TWO; go fish
THREE; writing
FOUR; playing chubby bunny
FIVE; photography
SIX; cutting hair

FIVE Random Things About You;
ONE; i make up a lot of words such as oople, foop, ooble, ookie...
TWO; i've been a vegetarian since i was 11 and i was vegan for a year. but i despise peta.
THREE; i have huge crushes on lars frederiksen, gwen stefani, and missy elliot.
FOUR; i really want to change my name to gertrude or tequetra pertrice. (not joking.)
FIVE; i'm deathly afraid of moths and guys in bunny suits.

FOUR Favorite Books;
ONE; diary
TWO; catcher in the rye
THREE; z for zachiriah
FOUR; lord of the flies

THREE Favorite Crayola Crayon Colors;
ONE; mint green
TWO; white
THREE; salmon

TWO Favorite Sports;
ONE; volleyball
TWO; curling

ONE Favorite Ice Cream Flavor;
ONE; moosetracks

Why should you be accepted? basically because i'm goofy and fun and love everyone. is that a reason?

What do you think about your mod? ___hellodestiny
i do so reckon i checked out her myspace...and i have a boy scout shirt that's almost IDENTICAL to hers. which makes her rad. mmmhmmm. rad and super cute. (and hair looks the best when you wake up in the morning. it's a known fact.)
Link to your MySpace: here you go, dollface.

Promote the community in 3 places and provide the links. [WILL be checked.]


1. Gay Marriage; i'm all for gay marriage. marriage is about love, not gender. and i could go on and on, but everyone's heard everything about gay marriage. Why? because it's asked about in every fucking rating community. WE GET THE POINT THAT IT'S A BIG DEAL. it's only a big deal because people make it a big deal. it's not. it's marriage. get the fuck over it.

2. Suicide;
well, obviously, in the literal sense, it's bad. and there isn't much to say other than there are other ways around issues. assisted suicide, on the other hand, is something i'm all for. because pain is not something someone should live with.

3. Abortions;
i have absolutely no opinion on this because i just can't decide. some days i'm against it and other days i'm like "but what if..." and i seriously sit and debate it. shit. i don't know.

4. Mainstream Music;
if it's good, it's fine. i'm not going to be like "I HATE THEM" because a band i like is on MTV. it's pointless. being blind to good music based on stupid facts such as that is ignorant. i'll admit i like fall out boy. i'm not ashamed. they have talent.

5. Straight Edge;
people need to not flaunt what they do. technically, i'm straightedge but i don't feel the need to go "HEY EVERYONE! I AM STRAIGHTEDGE AND YOU SHOULD BE TOO!" because youcan't force your beliefs and whatnot on everyone else. it does nothing. and just because someone isn't striaghtedge doesn't mean they're not a great person.

6. Veganism/Vegetarianism;
i'm all for it, but i'm not for pushing it on other people. i am really into animal rights but more so in the fact of opening people's eyes in a passive way, not agresive like peta. peta does nothing.


6+ pictures of yourself.
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