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Name;krysta alexis rebensdorf-hesse
Location;anaheim hills, california

Sexual Orientation;straight.
well, i'm liking this boy right now, but he's a little shy.

he gives me five hugs a day.

About You.

Describe yourself in 5 words; i am a good person.

Hobbies/Interests; i like to ice-skate, play softball, dance, read, hop fences, jump rope, swing, throw things, and make smores.

TEN Bands you like;
ONE; anberlin
TWO; lovage
THREE; he is legend
FOUR; aphasia
FIVE; copeland
SIX; elton john
SEVEN; armor for sleep
EIGHT northstar
NINE; peachcake
TEN; the get up kids

NINE Bands you hate;
ONE; afi
TWO; the used
THREE; coldplay
FOUR; bleed the dream
FIVE; papa roach
SEVEN; rancid
EIGHT nofx
NINE; the randals

EIGHT Favorite Movies;
ONE; moulin rouge
TWO; zoolander
THREE; frequency
FOUR; love, actually
FIVE; the incredibles
SIX; the wedding singer
SEVEN; rush hour 2
EIGHT big fish

SEVEN Favorite Words;
ONE; epitome
TWO; deceptive
THREE; stellar
FOUR; stoked
FIVE; tremble
SIX; sunlight
SEVEN; lace

SIX Hobbies;
ONE; singing (in the shower)
TWO; scrapbooking
THREE; painting
FOUR; writing
FIVE; baking (funfetti cake especially)
SIX; golfing

FIVE Random Things About You;
ONE; i wash my hands at least 15 times a day
TWO; i like to try on shoes at target
THREE; i eat lollipops several times a day
FOUR; my cat wishes i were a mouse
FIVE; i've seen pirates of the caribbean more times than i've seen my grandpa

FOUR Favorite Books;
ONE; pride and prejudice
TWO; who moved my cheese?
THREE; oddkins
FOUR; memoirs of a geisha

THREE Favorite Crayola Crayon Colors;
ONE; tickle me pink
TWO; cerulean
THREE; scarlet

TWO Favorite Sports;
ONE; golf
TWO; softball

ONE Favorite Ice Cream Flavor;
ONE; mint-n-chip

Why should you be accepted? i should be accepted because i'm krysta: the girl that always waves at you.

What do you think about your mod? ___hellodestiny i really, really like her hair, and the username, but i couldn't really gather too much else.

Link to your MySpace:

Promote the community in 3 places and provide the links. [WILL be checked.]


1. Gay Marriage; everyone has the right to live and love. if this country grants freedom of religion, then why does religion need to have anything to do with love and matrimony? i don't understand why your sexual preference should make any restriction on the rights you are given or the way you are treated. its bogus to say that everybody needs to fit one mold, one design and never waiver or change.

2. Suicide; suicide and even just the thought of it scares me, because i can't imagine that things could be so terrible, so strong that you had no choice but to end the life that you have been given. life is precious and fleeting and i think you should make the most of your time, staying until you absolutely must go. i had a friend commit suicide last year, and i couldn't help feeling like there was something i should have done, i should have helped more and listened better, i could have been a better friend.

3. Abortions; i believe that abortion is murder no matter how you look at it. there is always something that can be done, plans that could be made. an innocent life is taken with every abortion, a chance robbed from a living thing. its murder to kill a baby after its born, so why is it different when it hasn't left the womb? is it any smarter then? does it "die better"? is it more humane to kill after the first breath, or before any at all? maybe its that i'm biased because my baby sister is going to be born in a few months, but i have problems with the murder of children, and unborn ones count just as much.

4. Mainstream Music; i don't think that there is any problem with "mainstream" music. i like things that other people like, it doesn't make me a "poser". its one thing to like a band because of the music, but if the only reason you like them is because nobody has ever heard them than somehting is messed up; musical interest becomes more about status than the actual songs. its stupid to love a band and everything about them but completely snub them as soon as ten other people like them. if the music is good, then it shouldn't matter who else thinks so.

5. Straight Edge; i am straight edge. i stick to getting a natural high and running impulses off with bubblegum. this is my favorite grouping because i think there are many impurities in the world, not that i'm religious. i'm just glad that there are still people that have values that they stick to.

6. Veganism/Vegetarianism; i really commend people strong enough to become vegetarian or vegan, but i could never do it. my best friend has been vegan for a year, and she's fine with it, but i figure that i was given carnivorous teeth for a reason so i should use them. i really respect the effort, but it made me tired and cranky when i tried it.


6+ pictures of yourself.

^ me (before i bleached) + the bff


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